Administrative Development

We work on studying and identifying the problems of companies in achieving their goals and identify the strengths and weaknesses in them and draw an integrated strategy to promote the various sectors and improve the performance of all departments


Financial Services and Feasibility Studies

We provide financial and economic consultancy for new projects through specialized experts in all fields including marketing studies and feasibility studies through:
• Market studies that negate ignorance
• Comprehensive assessment of markets in all areas
• Providing real market penetration studies
• Trademark registration
• Providing product testing service before marketing
• Feasibility studies for all projects (productivity - service)
• Feasibility studies for waste recycling projects
• Providing local and imported production lines and suppliers of raw materials


Administrative consulting & Development Services

Al Gawhar is working to help companies, which desire to evaluate their performance & identify their strength and weakness points. We use strategic planning & analyzing tools, as well as measuring tools and Quantitative analysis. As an expert we help companies to explore their problems to set specific goals and real vision.


Content management Consultation

We did many studies in development field and processing digital content applications (scientific or media). We selected the suitable databases, paraphrased and described databases & fields. In addition to selected the suitable devices, operation systems, search engines & tools to help in accurate recovering to the content.

With the development of open source software and Arabization to meet the needs of archiving, research and retrieval


Business & Financial Analysis

We provide systems analysis services to develop or establish companies’ requirements. We are setting the required documents' samples for development process, and managing & implementing development projects, directly through companies, beside documenting business stages


Digital Marketing

We work through an integrated team to provide non-traditional solutions and innovative ways to Digital marketing services and products through the various Digital marketing channels:

  • Dynamic Web Design
  • Implementation of SEO procedures
  • Design and development of social media accounts and pages (Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - Google Business)
  • Manage websites and social media pages on various networks
  • Design and manage funded advertising campaigns (Google Ads - Facebook - ...)
    In addition to the design and implementation of marketing campaigns and publicity and the necessary publications through a team of skilled designers trained and experts in the creation of brands and necessary printed and publicity outdoors for various works.


Research & Content analysis

Content is a text; their analysis needs more effort and time. Due to, the huge increasing of content size. Analysis tools, that depend to search engines and other modern tools have emerged, to be the direct way in content analysis field and their results provide a comprehensive image of analysis subject. These tools include:

  •  Statistical analysis
  •  Quantitative analysis
  •  Qualitative analysis


PR & Journalistic translation

Different companies and agencies need public relations services through a range of press and media services in the field of monitoring and analysis of their media content with the formulation and organization of media content for companies and summarize and translate this content to be presented to the official in the form of clear and direct summaries to give a quick picture of the institution in the traditional and new media.
We provide these services in a Integrated  and integrated way through a team specialized in the provision of public relations services and the use of high-tech analysis tools.